What you'll get by taking this course

This course is designed to be quick and to the point so that you instantly find ways to get those fears out of the way.

  • The confidence to pursue your dreams

  • A perception that will serve you

  • Acceptance of the presence of fear

  • An opportunity to take an honest look at the fears that hold you back

  • Tools and techniques to better manage your fears

The course includes

  • Workbook

    An attractive and fun activity book to help you untangle the thoughts you have about your fears. Each activity is designed to make facing fears a bit more manageable.

  • Video explanations

    Each session includes a video explanation of the subject matter. Attractive presentations combined with audio commentary make learning the tools easy and fun.

  • Guided meditations

    Guided meditations are included in some of the sessions to help build a base of peace, stillness, and stability.

Facing your fears was never so well-priced

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2
    Understanding fear
    • Understanding fear
  • 3
    Assessing your fear
    • Assessing your fear
  • 4
    Shift the focus
    • Shift the focus
  • 5
    Dealing with fear in the moment
    • Dealing with fear in the moment
  • 6
    Expose yourself to the fear
    • Expose yourself to the fear


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